The Benefits of In-Office Testing

1 patient convenience

Patient convenience—no separate lab visit.

2 reduces cost

Reduces cost.

3 less than 12 minutes

Results are in hand in less than 12 minutes allowing treatment discussions to take place in person.

4 patient visit

Patient visit is more complete and less stressful.

5 patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction equals improved patient retention and long-term success of your practice.



Why FastPack?

The FastPack® IP was designed for in-office point-of-care testing and has a menu tailored for testosterone replacement
clinics. It enables physicians to diagnose androgen disorders, monitor testosterone therapy, and make adjustments in a single
patient visit.

• Simple to use. Analysis is automated with the push of
a single button.

• TRT-focused menu:
     ▶ Testosterone
     ▶SHBG: Calculate free testosterone for improved
         patient management
     ▶ Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)